Storyteller, writer, problem solver. Nicholl Fellowship finalist. Austin Film Festival winner. Motivated by the love of pushing the boulder up the hill and coloring outside the lines.


Austin Film Festival - Bronze Typewriter
Austin Film Festival – Bronze Typewriter Award (Best Sci-fi)
Nicholl Fellowships
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
(receiving Finalist certificate at luncheon at Academy hosted by Nicholl Committee)
(with former Academy President Sid Ganis and screenwriter Susannah Grant)
Shriekfest Horror/Sci-fi Film Festival (Sept 2019)
Red Carpet interview for finalist feature script “Tethered”
Premiered at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) as part of Fly Filmmaking Challenge.
Logline: Two friends catch a late-night ride on the Seattle monorail, but the ride isn’t quite what they expected, nor is the destination.